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me me August 24, 2023
"I pre-ordered just had to wait 2 min or so more once I got there. Cristian was awesome great customer service. Great popusas the best in the valley."
Roberto Hernández August 12, 2023
Chica Sandy July 11, 2023
"Delicious Food I will definitely go again!!"
Natalie S. May 16, 2023
"upusas are authentic & extremely good! The only improvement that can be made is the wait time. There have been times I’ve ordered only a few items and have waited over an hour. I understand it’s busy, but there needs to me a more efficient way to have the orders out quicker."
Lorena S May 16, 2023
"Ok Lets start by saying my favorite food is Pupusas, I grew up eating this amazing things and I usually don’t like the Pupusas from random places because they are not authentic, they can either be too greasy, or don’t have enough filling, etc…. Well this place has the best Pupusas, best pan con pollo, etc and all at resonable prices. We ordered 4 Pupusas and a pan for less than $20. The lady was nice when I placed my order and told me food would be ready in 15 mins. The food was authentic and sooo tasty. Place was clean and there seemed to be a good interaction between employees. We will definitely be back."
Glad Cedeño May 16, 2023
"I went there with a friend on a Tuesday to try their Tuesday specials for less than 2$ each. I ordered 2 for to go and a small order of Horchatta. Had them to go and they were sooo good. I mean not yet the best but God they were soooo good. Same with their Horchata. This is a place I would recommend if you need your Salvadoran fix. I only went there for pupusas but I saw a lot more in their menu and they were mouthwatering. I will definitely be back."